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Technoblast was born thanks to the collaboration between designers and specialized technicians who have been working for years in the specific field of project and building of blasting machines and shotblasting plants.

Our production includes a wide range of sanders, used in the traditional field of metal and mechanical industries, as well as in foundries.

Technoblast manufactures automatic, semi automatic and manual machines.

The working principle of these plants can occurred with the use of wheel or with free flow.

Load capacities of these plants can be low, medium or high.

The continuous research conducted to solve problems related to sandblasting treatment, carried out by our technicians during years, allowed us to build newly conceived machines for processing non-ferrous materials for instance: paint pickling on wooden support, grinding of fiber glass sections sheets, grinding of glass plates and blasting of marble slabs.

These automatic shotblasting machines have a remarkable advantages compared with the normal processing methods.

They actually permit great production with energy and labour savings.

Moreover, these plants work following current regulations, concerning nature and working environment protection.


• Pre-sale consulting service

• Plant design

• Installation

• Customer service

• Overhaul and maintenance service

• Original spare parts

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